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Good intentions

14 Mar

You know the old saying: The road to H- E – double-hockey sticks is paved with good intentions.

Well, I took that road yesterday.

Last week at our union meeting, we were given the opportunity to purchase orange shirts to wear today and at a rally on the 24th. I ordered and paid for one that evening. I took an order form so the next day at work, I could ask a few colleagues if they wanted one too. I got their particulars (and their money) and sent in the form.

Today we got this perky message:

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 6.10.02 PM

I sent an email saying I’d pick mine up that afternoon and was told my school had a bag.

Cool,  I thought, some of the other reps must have ordered shirts, too. So, at lunch, I sent out an email to the two other people who were at the meeting and found out a third person had also emailed them. Trying to be helpful, I sent another email offering to get the bag. Lunch ended and classes were underway and things were busy. The third teacher sent two students to my room with a cheque in an envelope. I didn’t really have a chance to check my email before leaving, and that was when I ended up on that road.

Of course, the third person hadn’t pre-ordered and we had to guess on the size. The only shirts in the bags were the ones I had ordered. I stopped at the library on my way home and checked the time on my phone on the way out to see if I had time to swing by the grocery store. There was a message from one of the other two people asking me go get a shirt for her. Oops.

Definitely double hockey sticks.



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