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Street View: A Slice of Life Story

15 Apr

Last week, I was driving home from school, when this appeared behind me on the highway.


It’s a  Google Maps Street View Car! I didn’t take this picture, but I really wish I could have taken one. I didn’t because I didn’t have a camera and because it would have been dangerous. I’ve always wondered how it happened and now I have an idea. You can find out if they are near you right now at this link. Wouldn’t that be a great summer job?

Last summer, I ran the ESL summer school at my school. We had 5 teachers and about 150 kids, though we averaged about 125 daily. It was my first time working in an administrative position.. Our program was only half day and I spent most of that half day in the office making attendance calls, dealing with sick kids, making sure teachers had what they needed. I had no secretary; I was the entire office staff. Although I like teaching, working collaboratively with teachers, I am not destined to become a school administrator. It felt too disconnected from the classroom.

This summer, I’m not working. I plan on refreshing and renewing myself. I will travel to Canada to visit my family and my twin sister and I are already starting to make plans. I will read a lot and knit . I will have no driving days when I can only go places on foot.  I will also take my dogs for short walks on hot days and see the world in my own street view.

What will your summer look like?

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