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Playing with idioms

4 Apr

I have a busy week this week.

Me, the introvert. The person who loves to stay home.

I have commitments five evenings in a row. Five SCHOOL NIGHT evenings in a row. It has me dreading events I am actually excited about. And that has me playing with idioms.

At first, I thought out of the frying pan into the fire. But that seemed inaccurate. Having just left the relaxation of my Spring break staycation, it seemed that out of the slowcooker into the pressure cooker might be more accurate.

Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,  I am making sure I am eating healthy food this week. I made mushroom soup on the weekend to take in my lunch this week, and I made a lovely green juice this morning to be sure that I get the vitamins and energy I need to make it through the week. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,  right!?




Some cold humor

30 Mar


Last week I was in the pink,

Today I am coming down with something.

Last week, I was right as rain,

Today, I am under the weather.

Last week I was as fit as a fiddle,

Today I am as pale as a ghost.

Last week I was the picture of health,

Today I am at death’s door.

Last week I was alive and kicking,

Today I am running a fever.

Last week I was on top of the world,

Today I have one foot in the grave.

This week I took a turn for the worse,

Next week, I hope I am over the worst.

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