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Future ready? Not today!

16 Mar


It’s the latest buzz word: Future Ready.

We are supposed to be a future ready school in a future ready district, but we’ve had an ongoing connectivity issue for a while.

The wifi works.

The wifi doesn’t work.

The wifi works.

The wifi doesn’t work.

Over and over again, all day long.

Yesterday I had to take attendance with paper and pencil for my Core 2 class, and yet, ten minutes later was I was able to show a YouTube video. Thank goodness that worked in my favor. Had I tried to show the video ten minutes later than I did, though, I would have been S.O.L., and not in the Slice of Life sense.

It hit a new low today. I couldn’t even connect with an ethernet cable. Seriously! Eventually our tech person went from room to room connecting the ethernet cable to the phone, not the wall part. Who knew you could do that.

We are on Spring Break in three days. I am hopeful  that the kinks will be worked out before we get back, when SBAC testing starts. I hope that is enough of a reason for someone to figure out what the heck is going on.

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