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The Power of One

15 Jan

Yesterday, our student supervisor read Kathryn Otoshi’s One 


aloud at an assembly, to get the kids thinking about the power one person can have if they tand up to a bully.

Sometimes, bad behavior is less intentional than the overt bullying in One.  Just take a look at Trudy Ludwig’s new book  The Invisible Boy.


Brian is very quiet, and clearly smart, and brilliant at drawing. Unfortunately, he’s also invisible. No one goes out of their way to be mean to him. They don;t include him because they just don’t notice him. When a new boy arrives in his class, Brian is kind-hearted and finds his own way to make a friend and gain the acceptance of the other students. In the beginning pages, Brian is a black and white sketch.


It is the power of the one new boy, who sees Brian and what he has to offer as a friend, and helps him move from invisible, to full color.

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