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#alamw16 Youth Awards Eve

11 Jan


Day 3 opened with a 6:45 breakfast hosted by Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group (MCPG). Thanks goodness it took place in my hotel so I got up later than people coming from other hotels. There was a lovely breakfast spread with lots of choices, followed by presentations by the editorial directors of MCPG’s imprints

Farrar, Strauss and Giroux

Feiwel and Friends

Swoon Reads

Henry Holt

Roaring Book Press

First Second

Upon exiting we were given a lovely bags of arcs making for a very worthwhile morning out. I went straight back to my room and packed up the books I wanted to send home and walked over to the post office in the exhibition hall.

The hall seemed really empty when I arrived. When I got to the post office, there was no one there, which was quite a change from the summer when I waited over an hour in line. Funnily enough, when I got up to the counter, I commented on the absence of others and the clerk replied that they weren’t really open yet, but would take care of me. I asked the time and was surprised to discover it was only 8:50. I hadn’t checked the time and assumed it was later that it was.

I had planned to spend the rest of the day as tourist, exploring Boston, but it was raining sideways so I decided that I’d sit in on a few sessions then go back to the hotel for a break.

After resting, I changed clothes for my evening event, but ventured back to the convention center for one sore session with 2017 debut authors. It was interesting but a little sad, because the 2017 Morris  committee  is tasked with reading and thinking about these authors.

From there, I went to another MCPG event at a restaurant called The Merchant.


This was a small event with the MCPG editors and directors interspersed with the people from various committees. we had a choice of salads (mixed greens or arugula) and main courses (beef, chicken or swordfish). I had the swordfish. It was all followed by strawberry shortcake. The food was delicious but the conversation was fantastic.

I was home by 9:30 to pack and get ready for tomorrow. The Morris Committee has to be at the convention Center for a group photo at 6:20. That means I have to check out by 6:00. Monday is pretty much booked with Morris related activities until 3, then I go to the airport.

I hope you take the time to watch the live webcast of the Youth Media Awards. they start at 8:00 AM ET today. If you live on the west coast and can’t watch live you can watch the rebroadcast later.

#alaac15 – Day 3 – Even better!

28 Jun

Day two was so good I didn’t imagine day 3 could be better, but it was!

I started the day by getting up at 5 so I could make my 6:45 breakfast with Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. We got a huge bag of books and got to hear short speeches from Jack Gantos, Katherine Applegate, and a few others!

I went to the exhibition hall next, which I found a little overwhelming. It is CRAZY what they are giving away! Fortunately, I was mostly on a mission for debut YA we the committee hadn’t heard about yet, so I wasn’t being too greedy. My first stop was Little Brown, where i had a lovely chat with the person there. I felt things were going well, so I asked if they had arcs of A.S. King’s new novel, and I got one!


It turns out the nice person I was talking to was her editor!

From that high, I decided to go back to my room and drop off my load before my committee meeting. By the end of the day, her is what I had, so I am glad I did.


I am really worried about packing on Tuesday morning!

After lunch I headed into my committee meeting. I had met 4 of the 8 others on the William C. Morris Committee the day before, and we’ve met virtually every month. So this was our first face to face. You never know what you sort of mix it will be, but we are a good mix and got a long well. We talked books and logistics, but mostly books.We nominated a few more, rejected some more and assigned some titles. When the meeting was over a few of us went back to the exhibits before our dinner and panel with Random House.

Let me just say, that  have never been wined and dined like I was last night!

We were at a restaurant on the Embarcadero called The Waterbar, which overlooks the Bay Bridge.

After appetizers and drinks on the patio, we moved indoors to  a panel with 3 YA debut novelists, moderated by David Levithan.  The menu was designed around the themes of each of the authors’ books, which we were given! Each course , and there were 4, somehow captured something about each novel. At the end of each course the authors rotated so we could talk with them about their books. It was a spectacular evening.The four of us who went all felt that this might have been one of the best professional evenings of our lives. One of my colleagues got each author to sign his menu!


I got home late, but happy.


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