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Planning ahead

4 May

Yesterday afternoon, the Oregon Basset Hound Rescue Board met for our first meeting to plan the 2015 Oregon Basset Hound Games. The mayor of Woodburn was there, too. She is a very down to Earth basset owner and loves that her town hosts the Games. Last year we added a new event, the Senior Prom, a race for senior bassets. It had people in stitches because, as we had hoped, several dogs refused to go anywhere. We are always on the lookout for new events to add. I am not taking any ideas from this book,


Worst in Show written by William Bee and illustrated by Kate Hindley.

Albert has decided to enter his pet Monster, Sidney, in the Best Pet Monster int he World Competition. It had fantastic events like Hairiest Warts, Highest Hover, Most Parasites, Smelliest Fart, and Hottest Breath. “Goodness, the Embarrassment” Albert laments as Sidney loses event after event. But Albert’s embarrassment is turned to joy at the end when Sidney wins Worst in Show for earning the¬†lowest score in 100 years.

This is a fun book that can easily inspire kids to write their own topsy-turvy story. Alas, it won’t inspire any new events to the OBHR Games.


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