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Early Mornings

23 Jun


I’ve always been a morning person. I become especially so in summer. My house doesn’t have air conditioning, so I get up around 4, never earlier, and open wide the doors and windows, letting the cool morning air refresh the house.

There are several things I like about this time of day. The freshness of the morningĀ air is only the first.

I love the stillness and silence. Few people are up. Although I occasionally hear a car, it it’s mostly silent, until the birds begin.

I love watching the sky change from dark to light, as if it is giving me some insight into what lies ahead for the day.

On a humorous note, I love watching the thermometer in my living room. As the house cools, I enjoy seeing the temperature inside the house drop, proof that my actions work.

Sleeping in on Spring Break #SOL15

27 Mar


I am, by nature, a morning person. I am aware that this can be annoying to night people, so I try not to be too cheery too early around them. In school days, I generally get up around 5 to drink coffee and mess around on the computer, reading or writing, until it is time to get walk the dogs, get ready and go to work.

I had hoped to sleep a little later during Spring Break. Maybe get up around 6:30 or 7. Alas, Fiona did not realize it was Spring Break. Lucy don’t get up until she has to, or until she hears foods sounds emanating from the kitchen. Fiona is like a Swiss train, even during Spring Break.

So, I’ve been getting up a bit after 5 every morning this week. It will mean an easy transition back to work on Monday. And that’s a good thing, right?

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