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Happy 8th birthday, Lucy!!!

18 Jun

Here’s the birthday girl, ready to give you a big hug!


Today, Lucy turns 8. I decided to dedicate this post to her because, with all her health and age issues, Fiona gets a lot more attention than Lucy.

I adopted Lucy in January 2010. It was the Saturday before President’s Day. I had gone in to my principal to let her know I was taking off the day after the Monday holiday, usually a no-no, because I was getting a new dog. And bless her heart, my principal said, “Take Wednesday, too.”

She fit in well, at first. About 3 months after I adopted her, she started being reactive on leash to other dogs. When she turned on Fiona, I knew I had to take drastic steps. I was heart-broken and worried I’d have to give her up, but the folks at OregonBasset Hound Rescue gave me advice, which I followed. I took her to the vet to rule out a physical problem. Then, I saw a behaviorist who gave me some very helpful strategies I still employ. I always carry turkey jerky when we walk and I use Dog Appeasing Pheremones in the house.

Lucy spent her first few years locked in a bathroom, the victim of a family enamored of a puppy, but not willing to give her the training or attention she needed. Neighbors felt sorry for her and convinced the family to let them have her. Two years later the second family divorced and Lucy was an asset no one wanted. At least this family knew to contact OBHR.

And so Lucy came to me. She is the Laurel to Fiona’s Hardy. She is also very sensitive and trembles at times, when I leave. In fact, after our last round of 2 nights of parent-teacher conferences, Lucy was a wreck. Even when I left in the mornings after PT conferences, she would shake violently & try to hide in the bathroom. It took almost a month before she got her confidence back and was OK when I left in the morning, which she never used to react to.

Lucy likes to adjust blankets so they are all at her back and she frequently remakes my bed.


Sometimes she likes to go right under and hide.


Unlike Fiona and Louie, Lucy loves to play with toys. She gets so excited when we play fetch, which she really enjoys. This is one of the rare times when Lucy barks. I often joke that Lucy is silent, but deadly.

Join me in wishing Lucy a many happy returns of the day. And, since it also Paul Mccartney’s birthday, let’s sing

We love them yeah, yeah yeah

11 Apr

Of course, I mean The Beatles.


Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom tell the fascinating story of one of the world’s greatest rock bands, the ‘Fab Four’; John, Paul, George and Ringo (as well as Pete and Stu). The book is laid out in two-page spreads, illustrated cartoon-style, with a welter of boxed items per page that give crisp factual info—usually no more than a couple dozen words at a time—while the text buzzes along. 


This  story covers John Lennon’s Liverpool childhood with Auntie Mimi and his school band the Quarrymen, the friendship between Paul McCartney and George Harrison and their entry into the band, renaming the band the Beatles, the arrival of Brian Epstein as manager, the tour to Hamburg, record label boss George Martin’s influence, Ringo Starr joining the group, fame and screaming fans, the famous tour to the USA, the making of the albums, key hit songs, and films, their visit to India and the influence of Indian spirituality, and finally the breakup of the band and the beginning of solo careers for each. It includes a timeline and bibliography. 

Here are a few more images to enjoy.



All in all this is a fun book to read. I didn’t learn much more than I already knew about The Beatles, and it’s not really meant for young people already listening to the White Album. But for kids just starting to learn about them this is an excellent resource.

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