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Scary books I couldn’t read

31 Oct

I have not had a TV for over a decade. As a result, I find that I can no longer watch or read scary things. I have nightmares. I am that much of a weenie.

So, my Happy Halloween post is about books that I started reading, but found too scary to finish. It is really a testament to the writing of these authors, because they created scenes so vivid I had to stop. If you are less of a fraidy cat, you might enjoy these.


I thought I’d be able to read this one. In fact, when I was reading the first few chapters, I was sure I’d make it to the end. Then the kids got on the bus and met Tin-Shoe Joe. I knew I had to stop. I was getting that creepy feeling. I even peeked at the end to be sure all ended well, but I couldn’t keep going.

Oh Rick Yancey, how I wish I could read you. I listened to The Isle of Blood it in the car this summer, but I abandoned


when the oozing monster appeared. I actually gagged while driving. then, I popped the disc right out.  I abandoned  The Monstrumologist a few years ago. Pathetic, aren’t I.

Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was more creepy than scary. But I still couldn’t finish it.


The too realistic pictures gave me weird dreams and I had to set the book aside and read something less disruptive to my sleep.

Finally, I also gave up on  Far, Far Away  by Tom McNeal, which is a National Book Award finalist.


The ghost’s voice simply frightened me. I could imagine it talking to me and that was way too frightening to imagine.

Have a safe and fright-free Halloween!

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