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26 Apr


I volunteered for the committee because it sounded like a bit of fun. All we had to do was read over the scholarship applications and decide how to divvy up the $5500.00. Piece of cake.

The five committee members met at a cafe. After getting our beverages,a few snacks, and engaging in some chit chat, we got to work, each pulling one of the 15 applications.

“Remember,” we were reminded by our chair,”The person for whom the scholarship is named was a very active volunteer. We are looking for kids who have not merely volunteered, but who can articulate how their volunteerism has impacted their lives.”

As I read through the first one, I was caught a little off guard. I was getting weepy. I looked around the table. All five of us were glassy-eyed. I think we all had the same realization at the same time. This might be a more meaningful task than we could ever have anticipated.The second application had a similar effect.

After each application had been read by two volunteers the conversations began. We shared the ones that touched us most deeply. These were kids who not only volunteered, but developed a passion for their volunteerism. Some wrote about how they were surprised by this. Some wrote about how they learned about themselves, or faced their fears. It was hard work deciding how to split the money, but we tried to give as many of these passionate teens something. I think, in many ways,┬áreading the applications will have┬ámore impact on me than the $500 or $1000 they’ll receive will have on them.




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