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A good night’s sleep

15 Mar

Like most people, I sleep better at home than away. When I took my 6th graders to Outdoor School for the first time last year, I had an epic bed fail.

I had no idea what to expect, and having no sleeping bag, I brought a flat bottom sheet, a blanket, and a small sofa pillow. It was a total disaster. I hadn’t anticipated that the mattress wold have a hard, vinyl covering.


The mattress itself wasn’t uncomfortable. Because I brought a flat sheep, it slipped off as I tossed and turned through the night. That left me laying on the vinyl, which was surprisingly noisy. My small pillow slipped through head rail and my blanket wasn’t enough. I slept terribly all three nights we were away.

This year, when I learned we’d be attending the same camp, I started planning for a better sleep experience. I considered purchasing a sleeping bag, but decided against it because  hate having my feet contained in that way. I decided to bring a full sized pillow, a fitted flannel sheet, and a comforter cover. As I made my bed on Tuesday afternoon, I knew my sleep would be better.


I had a great sleep the first night and the fitted sheet worked perfectly, even though it was for a full-sized mattress, not a twin. The second night, my sleep was more fitful. the bedding still worked perfectly. The problem was that my mind wouldn’t shut down after learning we’d have to leave early due to Oregon’s decision to cancel all extra-curricular activities.

Before we left, we joked with the camp director that last year was fire (you can read about that here), this year was pestilence, who knew what we’d bring to Trickle Creek next year. Regardless of where we are or what disaster awaits us, I have a solid plan for a good night’s sleep while I am away.

The aftermath of a restless night

5 May


I am fortunate to be a good sleeper. When I go to bed, I usually fall asleep in mere moments.

Last night was an exception.

I could tell when I went to bed it wouldn’t be quite so easy. My mind wouldn’t turn off.  I tossed and turned. Eventually, fell asleep. But it wasn’t restful. I dreamt. I tossed and turned. My pillow wasn’t right. I was too hot. I was too cold. I tried sleeping on my left, my right, my back, my stomach. On and on. I slept two hours at a stretch, one hour, then awoke and it started all over again.




I am fortunate to be a good sleeper. Tonight, I hope to fall asleep in mere moments.

Late nights with the window open #SOL15

10 Mar

I’ve been sleeping with my window open lately because the weather has been so nice. Here is a little poem about the lullaby I hear.


The sun’s down, the lights are out

And I crawl into my bed

Gentle night sounds

Lull me to sleep

Wind through the leaves

The hum of the distant highway

The doppler clack of shoes on the sidewalk

Car doors, engines

All fading away





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