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Rudolph Stamps: A Slice of life story

9 Dec


I went to the post office last week to buy holiday stamps. And what to my wondering eyes did appear but the Rudolph stamp collection!


My dad was a stamp collector. He is still alive but no longer collects stamps. Although I love looking at cool stamps from around the world  or that celebrate important people or events, I never really understood the appeal of stamp collecting. That said, I love holiday stamps and the USPS has really outdone themselves this year. Just looking at them makes me sing and want to be a dentist. Just joking.

Last year, I chose these:


As I mentioned in a previous SOLS post, I send a lot of cards this time of year, and that is my mani reason for buying holiday stamps.  However,  I like to put holiday stamps on the few bills I still pay by mail. I like to think that the person opening the envelope has just a moment of cheer in what otherwise be a very dull day at work.

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