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The 2014-15 Numbers: A Slice of Life Story

2 Sep


Today, I return to the regular classroom, so I thought it would be fun to look at some stats.

26  years I have been a teacher

6     years since I’ve been a classroom teacher

22   number of students in my class

12   boys in my class

10  girls in my class

4     kids on an IEP

13   ESL students

8    speak English at home

10  speak Spanish at home

3    speak Nepalese at home

1    speaks Pashto at home

12 met or exceeded the 3rd grade Math/Reading benchmarks

12 did not meet  the 3rd grade Math/Reading benchmarks

I know most of the kids in my class, some better than others. All were at our school last year, a school where 85% receive free/reduced lunch. We also have 9 new teachers and 12 new staff, if I have counted correctly.

I don’t know exactly what this year will bring but I am ready to embark on this new adventure. Wish me luck!


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