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Fixing the toilet #SOL15

21 Mar

A year or so ago, my toilet started “ghost flushing”, suddenly flushing on its own. After a quick Google search, I determined I didn’t have a leaking tank and  all I had to do was replace the flapper.


That repair cost less than $5.00 and took about 5 minutes. Yeah me! I felt like I just earned a degree from P. U. (Plumber’s University)

So. when my tank seemed to stop filling this week. I felt pretty confident that I could fix it and added that to my Spring Break “to do ” list.

It’s been coming on gradually. At first, I noticed that there was a 5 second pause between flushing and refilling that hadn’t been there before. Every day, the pause seemed to get longer until, Thursday, it stopped refilling completely. I’ve been filling a bucket in the tub and manually refilling the toilet tank, until this morning.

Last night I adjusted the float adjustment screw on the end of the floating ballcock. I figured it couldn’t hurt. This morning, things were back to normal. Woohoo! I just earned an advanced degree from P.U.

I am cautiously optimistic that the problem is fixed. I suspect that I will eventually have to replace the fill valve, but I have watched the YouTube videos and know that this is a task I can accomplish. I’ll just think of it as my post-graduated work at P. U.

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