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Corn v. Flour

24 Mar

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The first tortilla I ever ate was in Antigua, Guatemala and it was a corn tortilla. I stayed in Guatemala for a month, learning Spanish and ate tortillas almost every day. Each and every one was a corn tortilla.

That first impression has shaped my world view. I always chose corn tortillas over flour, if given the choice. Alas, the choice isn’t always given. If you are a fan of flour tortillas, let me tell you some reason why you should switch to corn.

First, corn tortillas came first. Mesoamericans ate corn tortillas over a thousand years ago. Flour tortillas are an innovation the Spanish devised because they thought corn wasn’t a fit product for humans. Although flour tortillas roll better for burritos, corn tortillas are more authentic.

According to Prevention.com, the online version of Prevention Magazine, corn tortillas are better for you. Made only with corn and water, they have fewer calories,  more fiber, and less salt than flour tortillas. It might surprise you to know that, despite corn’s sweetness, flour tortillas have more sugar.

Spring Break started for me yesterday and one of my gals is to make my own corn tortillas. If it goes well, I might have another slice of tortillas.



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