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Did you eat too much yesterday?

28 Nov

My idea of a great Black Friday involves sitting on the sofa. I loathe crowds and shopping on a good day, so today would be torture. And so, I sit here, content reading children’s non-fiction about animals.

The one most appropriate for the day after Thanksgiving is  Get The Scoop on Animal Puke! by Dawn Cusick.


I am someone who gags easily and this book did NOT make me gag. It is pretty fascinating and funny titles like “Puke Defense”, “Baby Pukers” and “People Puke”. Chapters are short and full of many wonderful photographs of animals expelling their food, but Cusick’s point is  that this action has many purposes. As someone who has dogs, I thought I knew a lot about animal puke, but there is a whole world of puke out there. Kids will love this work and adults won’t be grossed out reading it. Backmatter includes a glossary, research source notes, further reading, and indexes.

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