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Out like a lion

30 Apr

National Poetry Month is almost over, but it went out like a lion last night at Verselandia, the   high school poetry slam presented by Literary Arts.


It is the Grand Slam for individual school slams hosted by PPS high school library media specialists. I got to see some old friends and some great, young slam poets. You can see an  interview and short performance with last night’s winner, Bella Trent, and runner up, Sam Burnett if you want to learn more.

The emcee was Anis Mojgani who might just be my new poetic crush! He was the final performer, make us laugh and think while the judges tabulated the results. Intermission also saw a performance by Mahatma Poe and we were treated to a sacrificial poet, Doc Luben,  at the beginning to help the judges  establish a baseline.

It was my first poetry slam. Now, I want to figure out a way to get my students to slam their poetry.





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